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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Communist Party USA (Obama Supporters)

"[Obama's victory is] a necessary first step toward a new society...We need to put out our vision of socialism and how it will come about." - Sam Webb (CPUSA National Chairman)

"We should be part of the movement that puts the wind at Obama's back." - Joelle Fishman (CPUSA Political Action Chair)

**I don't blame Democrats for getting upset when Conservatives compare or align them with Communists. They should find the Communist Party to be a disgusted group.......But they never seem to turn on the Commies, telling them their support isn't wanted. And the Commies never seem to have qualms about aligning themselves with Democrats, either. Especially not with the new Obama/Pelosi/Reid Democrats.

This unholy alliance is not only real, but is coming more and more out of the closet. The question is: Is the American general public willing and wanting to be led by a party with close affiliations with the Communist Party?

Incredibly, I'm afraid much of the American public has been dumbed down to a point they don't understand the dangers of the Communist Party. They only know George W. Bush is the 'Great Satan'......Which puts them in alliance with another group Democrats should be embarrassed to be supported by: Islamists!**


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