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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jim Lehrer (PBS 'Journalist')

"The only thing Blagojevich did that's different than the nromal course of human events is that he was gross about it and he said it - he didn't say it publicly, but he said it - there's trading that goes on all the time over Senate - the appointment fo senator - of empty Senate seats...What's the big deal here?"

**Hey Jim, get a clue buddy!

Almost every American knows Blago has committed a major snaffu trying to sell off Obama's Senate seat. Hell, even most Chicagoans know it is wrong, which says a lot.

Of course politics is a lot of horse-trading, but no one can justify politicians committing extortion or taking bribes........Well, no one except Jim Lehrer, that is. Leave it to a journalist at PBS, working on the taxpayer's payroll, to be such a moron.**


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