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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Justin Bateman (Deuce-Head)

"For the environment, I pledge to flush only after a deuce, never after a single."

- One of the many 'pledges' made by a group of Hollywood idiots on a video called the 'Presidential Pledge'.....I hope I don't have to explain what a 'deuce' and a 'single' are.

**I have no idea who some of the people on this video are, and I can't say I have a problem with their 'pledges.' I don't understand why they couldn't 'pledge' to do them before Obama became president, but I guess it's better late than never.......Especially the one who 'pledged' to "always represent my country with pride, dignity and honesty."

I guess prior to Obama these so-called stars didn't feel the country was worth their 'pledges'........How sad.

Back to Bateman. I'm assuming his 'pledge' will be very easy to keep, because he's so full of shit every trip to the toilet will be a 'deuce.'**


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