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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jimmy Carter (Marxus peanutfarmera)

"Yes, I do. I think [Hamas can be trusted]. Because of their own self-interest. Not because they're benevolent or kind or that sort of thing. But yes, I do. I think they can. And they've never betrayed any commitment that they've made to me or publicly, as a matter of fact."

**Jimmy might very well be the biggest turd in all of Liberalville.......And that is quite and accomplishment among this group of turds.

What's most humorous (disturbing) about Carter's comment is I think he actually believes the bomb-throwing and throat-slitting Islamist scum in Hamas can be trusted.....Hard to believe this man was President of the United States at one time.

I keep praying President Obama doesn't become the second FDR, but maybe my hopes should be lowered, and should simply pray he doesn't become the second Jimmy Carter.**



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