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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Nevada)

"[Justice John] Roberts didn't tell us the truth. At least Alito told us who he was...But we're stuck with those two young men. And we'll try to change by having some moderates in the federal courts system as time goes by."

**Harry Reid may be the Senate Majority Leader, but what he really specializes in is douchebaggery.

Everyone knows Justice Roberts is a Conservative. In fact most Conservatives consider the Roberts and Alito nominations to be the most truly Conservative acts of the Bush presidency...Those who paid attention to the Roberts and Alito confirmation hearings know neither said much of anything. Like most nominees they both dodged questions and answered only what they wanted to. Neither claimed to be a Conservative, but everyone involved knew they were. What they did do was explain they were strict 'constitutionalists,' which is what Supreme Court justices are supposed to be.

Harry's just spinning history, trying to set up the American people for the Lefties Obama will soon be sending in for confirmation...It is funny to hear Reid warp the English language claiming Liberals as 'moderates,' however. His idea of a moderate is Ruth Bader Ginsberg: the most Liberal justice in the history of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, with Obama as president Harry is almost guaranteed to get his wish and the Supreme Court will have at least a few new radical 'super legislators' in the foreseeable future.**

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 'President'

"This [worldwide economic] crisis was caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate that they know nothing...I don't know any black or indigenous bankers so I can only say [it is wrong] that this part of mankind which is victimised more than any other should pay for the crisis."

**I could be wrong, but since brown eyes are a dominant genetic trait over blue eyes I'd imagine most bankers have brown eyes...So, I guess most white bankers are off the hook since they don't have blue eyes.

Also, anyone who thinks nations primarily populated with black or indigenous bankers are going to be bailing out the world economy is nuts...It's safe to assume the nations inhabited by these people will suffer, but it's also safe to assume nothing will be expected from them in the way of bailing out anyone’s problems.

Finally, I bet you thought this 'President' was Barack Obama? And why wouldn't you, it sounds like something which could have easily come out of his pie-hole at a rare moment when he was away from the teleprompter. You know, sort of a comment he might have made on the Jay Leno Show...No, this wasn't President Obama. This comment came from Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. No one would blame you if you guessed it was Obama, though.**

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whoopie Goldberg (Top 5%'er)

"If you are just fed up, at some point, just lean out your window and scream, 'I'm mad as hell,' 'cause that's what's happening to me. I'm losing my mind, because I don't understand why -- like they -- one of the things that I saw recently, they have this whole thing about taxing 'the wealthy.' Okay. Now, I don't mind that. I don't mind paying a little more tax 'cause I make a good living. But I don't want to get it coming and going. I don't want to get the federal raised and then the state raised and then the phone tax raised and then the television tax raised and then the city tax. Back off me!"

**"I'M MAD AS HELL," too!! And I'm not even rich...Hell, I'm as middle-classed as they come. But I know my rich bosses are looking for ways to 'make up the difference,' as will happen across American when rich people like Whoopie start feeling the pain of living in Obamaville. So, who knows how long I'll continue to be in the middle-class. What's really scary is I'm pretty sure Barack's going to make a play at much more than the top 5%; count on it.

Also, it's only income taxes that are going to go up, so are all the other little taxes; taxes like Whoopie was talking about: city, phone, gas, clothing, cable, etc., etc., etc...All to pay for the freebies our government insist on handing out to the unproductive at the expense of the productive.

And just wait until Barack starts taxing you for causing Global Warming. 'Cap & Trade/Tax' is going to be a killer!

That said, too bad, Whoopie!! Barack is your boy, and you've been pimping him for months. Don't be surprised now, and start crying that he's in office doing exactly what he said he'd do...He promised to stick it to the people, and he's in the process of doing just that.**

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joe 'The Bag Man' Biden (2nd-in-Line)

"This is not about ideology. This is about economic necessity...I know some of you are holding your breath with what we are doing. This is about the change we meant. We meant fundamental, foundational change...Folks, this is the real deal. This ain't politics. This is life and death for a lot of people...Our friends on the right say we can't afford this budget. Well I say without equivocation - I speak for Barack Obama when I say, we can't afford not to have this budget."

**I thought last week President Obama said: "I don't think things are ever as good as they say, or ever as bad as they say...They're not as bad as we think they are now."

Sounds like 'No One Messes With' Joe Biden thinks things "are as bad as we think they are." He must, if he's so worried about making "fundamental, foundational change" and the "life and death" of so many people...Either that or he's just pulling a Joe Biden; being a dumb-ass wind-bag, that is.

Unlike the V.P., I don't pretend to speak for Barack Obama, but if I did I would say one thing for sure: "I DON'T WANT JOE BIDEN SPEAKING FOR ME...I say enough stupid shit on my own, and don't need his help."


Monday, March 23, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder (Top Lawyer-in-the-Land - For Jihadis)

"For those...who can be released, there are a variety of options that we have. Among them is the possibility that we could release them into this country.

- 'Those' and 'them' = Terrorism suspects kept at Gitmo...'this country' = The U.S.

**I don't want to be a hater, I really don't...But this is the thinking of a complete ignoramus!!

All the more reason our troops should kill more in the field, and take less prisoners...Which they will do if they find taking prisoners only leads to such captives finding new homes in the U.S.**


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Barack Obama (Insensitive Prick)

"It's like, it was like Special Olympics or something."

- Reply Obama made when asked by Jay Leno how his bowling skills are.

**I thought Barack is supposed to be the most wonderful, well spoken, sensitive person to ever hold the presidency? Obviously, not!

Can you imagine if President Bush said anything even close to this? It would be the ONLY topic in the media for weeks. Nancy Pelosi would be trying to censor the president for his behavior, and the various 'special needs' organizations across the country would be marching up and down 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...But Obama's getting a pass, because he apologized and offered to have some Special Olympic competitors over to the White House to play basketball or bowling.


Oh well, it is what it is:
1. Barack showed us a little more of his inner soul...Which is proving to be much less messianic than he pretends.
2. Hopefully the president is realizing he's nowhere near as cool as he thinks he is and should spend more time on the job, and less time clowning around on late night TV.
3. He better not try any more speaking engagements without his teleprompter...It should be his baby, or at the very least he should treat it like his American Express: "Don't leave home without it."**


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comrade-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D - San Fran Freako)

"We must ensure that our policies enable our news organizations to survive and to engage in the news gathering and analysis that the American people expect."

- Commenting on her desire to not allow various failing newspapers to disappear.

**So, now the newspaper industry is 'too big to to fail,' like GM, AIG, Citibank, etc., etc...As if there aren't thousands of other news sources to replace (and improve on) print media: TV, radio, the Internet.

What Nancy's really saying is she can't allow a Liberal propaganda source to fail, regardless of how much the American people have decided they'd rather get their news from TV, Radio and the Internet...She'll do whatever she can to kill off talk radio, but heaven forbid her pals in the Leftwing media have to go out of business.

I think I smell another bailout coming...Maybe with this one, Congress can take over the whole industry and simplify things by renaming all of the nation's papers. They can give them one of two names, instead of the hundreds which are currently out there. The new names will be easy to identify, and will have much meaning to San Fran Nan: PRAVDA and IZVESTIA.**


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Barack Obama (Prez. Flip-Flop)

"I don't think things are ever as good as they say, or ever as bad as they say...Things two years ago were not as good as we thought because there were a lot of underlying weaknesses in the economy. They're not as bad as we think they are now."

**W, w, w, w, wait a minute! For the past six months Obama has gone on and on about the United States being in the 'worst economic situation since the Great Depression.' He's told us if his programs aren't put in place we may never get out of our current recession. He's called it a "crisis," a "catastrophe," said we may end up in another Great Depression, or even worse stated we may get into a situation we may never recover from.

So, what is the truth? Are things "as bad as they say"? Or are they "not as bad as we think they are"? Last week Obama's favorite billionaire (Warren Buffet) said the economy 'is going over the cliff'...Nothing has 'really' changed in the American economy, yet Obama is now telling us we don't need to worry as much as he told us to worry for the past six months. Hmmm??

Barack has simply shifted gears. He's noticed his approval numbers, though still high, have started going down, and he's also noticed the American people are sick of hearing gloom and doom from our president, as well as the need to keep spending our children's future...So, he's made a calculated, strategic decision to talk up the economy.

But what does Barack really think? No one knows what Obama really thinks, and he doesn't care what we think he thinks...All he cares is how we feel, and he will do or say whatever it takes to put a smile on our faces, because if we are plump and content we won't pay attention to the "radical transformation" he's pulling over on us.

If things are "not as bad as we think they are" then why do we need such "radical transformation"? Keep asking yourself this question, and don't be surprised if Barack shifts back into gloom and doom mode when it's time for the next spending bill.**


Sunday, March 15, 2009

'Little Willy' Clinton

"I think the American people believe it's a pro-life decision to use an embryo that's frozen that's never going to be fertilized for embryonic stem cell research...That is the one thing that I think these communities need to make it clear that they're not going to fool around with any embryos where there's any possibility, even it it's somewhat remote, that they could be fertilized and become human beings."

**William Jefferson Clinton is a moron, but he is not an unintelligent person; 'Big Willy' that is...'Little Willy' has proven to be much less bright. In fact many would consider him to be a complete idiot.

As such, I'm thinking 'Little Willy' must have been the one doing the thinking and talking on this matter, because by definition an embryo is an egg which has been fertilized...And heaven knows how many embryos 'Big Willy' has fertilized across the country with his 'Little Willy.'**


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kay King (Nancy Pelosi Aide)

"It is my understanding there are NO G5's available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable...The Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) will want to know where the planes are."

"This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset Speaker (Nancy Pelosi).

- Two separate comments made complaining about military planes not being available for Nancy Pelosi and her family.

**As crappy as Pelosi treats the military it is a damn shame they have to kowtow to her needs...I'm sure this burns very deeply with the poor soldiers who have to transport her sorry ass around.

Michelle Malkin puts it best:
"Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the Jennifer Lopez of congressional travel - fickle, demanding and notoriously insensitive to the time, costs and energy needed to accommodate her endless demands...As speaker of the House, Pelosi is entitled to a reasonable level of military protection and transport. But it's the size of the planes, the frequency of the requests and last-minute cancellations, and the political nature of many of her trips that scream out for accountability."**

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


- If you're a U.S. citizen, you don't have to prove it.
- If you're not a U.S. citizen and are 18 or older, you must show your immigration papers to federal agents.
- Everyone has the right to remain silent.

- Information the ACLU is putting on buses in the state of Washington titled 'YOUR RIGHTS with Border Patrol Agents on this bus.'

**Gotta love the 'Useless,' helping illegals ignore and evade law enforcement...But no one should be surprised. The ACLU ceased being a 'civil liberties' group a long time ago, and should rightfully change its name to the 'American Criminal Liars Union.'

Unfortunately, the Goths are not only beating down the Roman doors, they are being helped by ignorant, traitorous Americans...Just as many Romans did, to their eventual demise.**

Sunday, March 08, 2009

'Howling' Howard Dean (Jilted Lover)

"I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS (Health & Human Services) but it is the president's choice and he decided to go in a different direction."

**Quit crying Howie! Ya weenie.

Since the day Obama was elected POTUS, I've said I'd throw hammers at him when I thought he was wrong, and would stand by him on issues where I think he is right. On the matter of Howard Dean, President Obama is 100% correct in not allowing this loony toon anywhere near his cabinet (not that there aren't plenty of others)...Good only ya Barack! Try not to make it so long between times we agree, okay?

Oh, and please don't ruin my kind words by naming this idiot as Surgeon General...Doh!**


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Latreasa Goodman (McNuts)

"I called 911 because I couldn't get a refund, and I wanted my McNuggets."

- Comment during one of her three 911 calls...Calls which earned her a trip to a Florida jail.

**I have to admit I've been plenty pissed off at McDonalds...But never enough to call 911. Certainly not upset enough to call 911 three times.

That said, I have no idea if the McNut is a Liberal or not, but I'd bet a ten-piece McNugget Value Meal that she would say she voted for Barack Obama...Though if the true were told, I doubt she's ever figured out where her polling place is.

I'd also bet ten ten-piece McNugget Meals she's a huge fan of 'income redistribution'...And another couple McNuggets that this wasn't her first trip to the pokie.

here, here, and here to hear each of her insane 911 calls...I just wish there was some audio of how crazy she surely went when they put the cuffs on her McNutty ass.**

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Suzanne Goldenberg (Ass-Wipe)

"American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers': Extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply toilet roll made from virgin forest causes more damage than gas-guzzlers, fast food, or McMansions"

- Headline from an article in 'The Guardian.'

**These envoronMENTAList idiots are out of control...Man has crafted a way to take a dump in relative peace and comfort, yet they expect us to revert back to a time of lesser convenience?

Ain't gonna happen!!

How about this for a happy-medium: Those who want to use two-ply toilet paper to wipe their asses can do so, and those who want to use palm branches can do so...And since the palm-branchers are so full of shit (literally and figuratively) they ought to balance out the rest of us, creating a net gain for the 'Mentalists.'

"People don't understand that softness equals ecological destruction." - Allen Hershkowitz

Better yet, maybe these clowns should stop wiping all together.**

Sunday, March 01, 2009

комисса́р Barack Obama (World's Greatest Liar)

"[I don't want] big government."

- Paraphrase from a statement made during his speech to Congress.


That might be the biggest lie of all time...Unless, of course, you take Obama literally: He doesn't 'want big government.' HE WANTS HUMONGOUS GOVERNMENT!!

Barack's been promising 'fundamental change' for over two years, however, and the American people didn't pay attention to what he was saying. Now we are going to get humongous government, just as he promised; just as he believes he was elected to do: "It is the change the American people voted for in November."

I wasn't the only one, but I warned you to be careful what you asked for America...I promised you'd get it. Obama is going to make sure of it.**


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