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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Nevada)

"[Justice John] Roberts didn't tell us the truth. At least Alito told us who he was...But we're stuck with those two young men. And we'll try to change by having some moderates in the federal courts system as time goes by."

**Harry Reid may be the Senate Majority Leader, but what he really specializes in is douchebaggery.

Everyone knows Justice Roberts is a Conservative. In fact most Conservatives consider the Roberts and Alito nominations to be the most truly Conservative acts of the Bush presidency...Those who paid attention to the Roberts and Alito confirmation hearings know neither said much of anything. Like most nominees they both dodged questions and answered only what they wanted to. Neither claimed to be a Conservative, but everyone involved knew they were. What they did do was explain they were strict 'constitutionalists,' which is what Supreme Court justices are supposed to be.

Harry's just spinning history, trying to set up the American people for the Lefties Obama will soon be sending in for confirmation...It is funny to hear Reid warp the English language claiming Liberals as 'moderates,' however. His idea of a moderate is Ruth Bader Ginsberg: the most Liberal justice in the history of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, with Obama as president Harry is almost guaranteed to get his wish and the Supreme Court will have at least a few new radical 'super legislators' in the foreseeable future.**


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