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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christine Simmons (Journalist/PR Person)

"The first couple took full advantage of the cool spring night. After a date night out on Saturday evening, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama decided to take a stroll when their motorcade arrived back at the White House."

**WOW! It seems like the only thing we get from the media these days is rip-jobs on Bush and fluff-pieces on Barack...Makes me believe a Russian proverb is true:

“V Pravdye nye izvestia, v Izvestia nye pravda" = "There’s no news in The Truth and no truth in The News!”

Sadly, this is the state of the modern American media, where there is no such thing as journalism or real news. There is only a giant Liberal PR machine.

"Whereas a journalist seeks the truth, a PR person may be called upon to disguise it or even to advance an untruth.” - Barbara Ehrenreich**


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