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Monday, May 25, 2009

Diane Sawyer (TV Talking Head)

"If the gas tax reduces dependence on foreign oil and changes the foreign political dependency immediately, why not be for it, right now?"

**Last I checked, gas prices across the country are going up; over $2.25/gallon here in Phoenix...Only a fool would doubt they'll continue to climb, and only an even bigger fool would doubt the increased cost of gas is going to hurt our already struggling economy. Many people will suffer, and many businesses will feel the pain of people not having money to spend on their products because they are paying more to get their kids to school/daycare and to get themselves to work.

A gas tax would only add to this problem...Duh!!

Also, if we are so concerned with lessening our dependence on foreign oil (which we should be), then why don't we increase our domestic drilling capabilities? Hmmm??

Naaaaaaaah! It's too obvious to do the obvious.**


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