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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rep. John Dingell (D - Michigan, Truth Teller)

"The Europeans have had two... maybe three, fine failures in their application of 'cap & trade.'...Nobody, nobody in this country realizes that 'cap & trade' is a tax, and it's a great big one."

**1. I want to thank Rep. Dingell for telling the truth...It is beyond rare for a Liberal, like Dingell, to tell the truth; especially when it goes against a Liberal cause.

2. Dingell is mistaken if he really believes "nobody...realizes 'cap & trade' is a tax." Everyone who knows what 'cap & trade' is knows it is a tax. Even Liberals know it is a tax, they just don't want to admit it is a tax...What Liberals are counting on is most Americans not taking the time and effort to look into what 'cap & trade' is.

3. What happened to Obama's pledge not to raise any taxes on people making less than $250,000? Every American will use energy or buy products which require the use of energy, which will be taxed, which will increase the cost of everything...Only a complete idiot would see this as anything other than a tax.

4. Not only is 'cap & trade' a "great big" tax, it is also a job killer...Which will mostly hurt those making under $250,000.

5. Obama and the Dems made this one of the centerpieces of the election, yet most Americans who voted for them didn't pay attention to the not-so-fine-print...I wonder how long it's going to take people who voted for these clowns (or refused to vote for McCain) to get the gist of how much damage they've done by allowing this group of Liberals to run roughshod over our country?

If you don't know why Dingell's quote isn't in the normal red coloring, feel free to ask.**


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