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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sen. Max Baucus (D - Montana)

"We aren't going to cover undocumented workers because that's too politically explosive."

- Commenting about the Democrat health care plan being created.

**This statement seems so simple, but it's not, and Baucus knows it's not.

1. They supposedly won't be covering illegal immigrants, because it's "too politically explosive."...Not because it's wrong, but because politics trumps all.

2. Quit calling illegals "undocumented workers."...Some work, some don't, but those who are "undocumented" shouldn't be here at all.

3. If the Democrats get their universal health care plan passed, the horse will be out of the barn as soon as Obama signs it...The bill may say one thing, but the reality is once it is put into play it will be run by government bureaucrats at many different levels; levels which haven't proven reliable when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Just think about all the various welfare programs right now, which supposedly aren't for illegals yet are tapped into by illegals. Does anyone really believe city, state, or even the federal regulators in charge of running this plan will have the nerve to deny illegals? Not a chance. To use Baucus' phrase, it would be "too politically explosive" to do so.

4. Any hospital or doctors office which has contracts with Medicaid/Medicare or the Department of Health Services is held to EMTALA rules (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which applies to all patients, not just Medicaid, etc., patients). Meaning, every hospital and just about every doctor's office...The basic premise of EMTALA is: "no patient who presents with an emergency medical condition and who is unable to pay may be treated differently than patients who are covered by health insurance." - http://www.emtala.com/faq.htm

As a manager for a large physician's clinic, I can tell you no one wants to determine what is or isn't emergent. If a patient shows up with an illness at my office we treat them, out of fear of lawsuits and government regulation. Hospitals have it much worse, because they are almost entirely at the whim of government entities/payers, and NEVER turn away a patient who shows up at the emergency room out of fear of lawsuits and government regulation...Are you getting it yet?

Illegal aliens know they can go to an emergency room, for any reason and take full advantage of the fact they won't be turned away for multiple reasons...The Democrats have no intention of changing EMTALA provisions, and know perfectly well their proposed health care plan will cover illegal aliens.

5. Don't get me started on 'community health centers' and 'sanctuary cities,' which completely ignore any rules of any kind when it comes to illegal aliens.**


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