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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Center for American Progress

"Transgender individuals with access to health insurance can rarely find coverage that fully meets their health care needs. Most insurance plans, both private and public, do not cover the costs associated with transitioning, or moving from one gender to another...Current proposals for health care reform incorporate a council comprised of health experts to determine minimum standards for health insurance benefits packages. Congress should encourage the council to develop inclusive guidelines that address the health needs of transgender Americans."

**So, these clowns not only want the American people to be responsible for the continued care of trannies, but they also expect the taxpayer to pay for them to become shemales?!?!?! I can only imagine how much it costs to take care of these freaks; considering they've altered their genetic makeup with who knows what and where.

"Lunatic Fringe, I know you're out there." - Red Ryder

Sadly, not only are these idiots approaching the Lunatic Fringe, but they are getting closer and closer to turning this great country of ours into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.**


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