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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sen. Bernie Sanders (S - Vermont)

"[Private insurance companies] should be afraid, I mean let me tell you, they should be afraid...They have a right to be exposed, a right to be afraid that they will not be able to compete against a strong Medicare type public plan which treats people with dignity."

**I appreciate Bernie's honesty when it comes to the Democrat's health care proposals. I also appreciate Bernie living up to his party label...All of the Democrats should join him by replacing the (D) behind their names with the (S) [Socialist Party]; it would make them much more truthful.

That said, Bernie's honesty, and his pals in the Democrat Party's health care proposals should scare the hell out of every American, because it will do exactly as Bernie says it will. It will swallow up every private insurance company, and all but the richest Americans will eventually be forced to enroll in whatever public plan they come up with.

Those who believe the government is good at running businesses in a cost-efficient, customer friendly way (Post Office, Social Security, Veteran's health services, or any of the thousands of agencies listed here) will be thrilled with Bernie's honesty...The rest of the 99% of Americans who are disgusted with the way the government runs these entities will be mortified.**


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