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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael O'Hanlon (Confused Miltary-Peace Corps Theorist)

"For crises like those in Congo and Darfur, the United States should consider a radical innovation in recruiting policy. We should create a peace operations division in the Army with individuals enlisting specifically for this purpose...The dangers of deploying such units to missions such as the one in Congo, would be real, but the risks would be acceptable."

**You've got to be kidding me? Does O'Hanlon actually think sending an emasculated version of the U.S. military to the African hell-hole is a good idea? Can he truly be calling for the establishment of some kind of bizarre military-Peace Corps hybrid? I suppose he'd also have this unit led by the feckless U.N. morons?...Also, I can't imagine the type of individuals who usually join the U.S. military would want any part of this kind of unit. On the flip-side, I can't imagine the type of individuals who join joker outfits like the Peace Corps would want any part of joining the U.S. military in any kind of roll.

O'Hanlon may or may not be a 'true Liberal' (he's from the Brooking's Institute, which tends to drift Left, but he's been on both sides of the Iraq War, and tends to be all over the place when it comes to the use of the U.S. military)...What I do know is this idea is ridiculous (by definition = Liberal), and would lead to nothing but embarrassment for the U.S. military (a Liberal goal).**


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