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Sunday, September 20, 2009

White House Propaganda Machine

"There would be no change in the law that requires emergency rooms to treat people who need emergency care, including undocumented immigrants. There is already a federal grant program that compensates states for emergency room costs associated with treatment of undocumented immigrants."

- Part of a set of 'bullet points' presented by the White House regarding illegal immigrants receiving health care under Obama's plan.

**There is so much in this statement to address; I'll leave it to three problems.
1. Obama doesn't have a 'plan.' He has ideas, but no plan to point to. This is one of his many ways of deflecting personal criticism, because no one can point directly at him.

2. Ask states with heavy amounts of illegal immigrants (California, Arizona, Texas, New York, etc.) how well the 'federal grants paying for illegal's health care' is working out...These states are being bled dry by illegal aliens, and their health systems are on the verge of bankruptcy as a result.

3. The most important aspect of all the Democrat health plans and illegal immigrants isn't being stated: THE DEMOCRATS ARE PLANNING ON MAKING ILLEGALS 'LEGAL.'

Comprehensive immigration reform (AMNESTY) is on the agenda, and with this plan these illegal-legals would be given a status which would make them eligible to participate in the various government plans...This is how Obama is tap dancing around the problem of providing care for illegal aliens: He's not going to provide care for 12-20 million illegals. He's going to provide care for 12-20 million new American citizens.**


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