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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cecil Roberts (United Mine Workers Labor Union President)

"It is imperative that the process for approving or rejecting (mining) permits be clarified so that everyone can know what to expect...Dragging things out only adds unnecessary pressure to coal miners, their families and their communities and makes it much more difficult to meet America's energy and economic needs."

**Maybe this union should have paid more attention when it decided to back Obama for president. Maybe they should have opened their ears so they could have heard him all but promise to destroy the coal mining industry...Maybe they should pull their heads out of their ass and realize the Democrat Party cares more about 'saving the Earth' than they do about American workers.

And maybe the workers who are in this union should think about a little payback against the union bosses who care more about their own political and financial power than they do about the actual workers in the union...Maybe, just maybe, it's time to drop the union as well as their fealty to the Democrat Party.**


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