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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greg Craig (Obama Mouthpiece)

"We recognize that it is theoretically possible that a president could create new positions that inhibit transparency or undermine congressional oversight. That is simply not the case, however, in the current administration."

- Comment made about Obama's czars, and the administration's denial of requests to make them available to Congress for questioning.

**What a joke! So far Obama's created 18 'czars,' and has done so with the absolute intent of keeping them from being under congressional oversight; above the law.

The problem is these 'czars,' which should actually be called 'commissars,' aren't just presidential advisers, but are policy makers. As such, they should fall under the oversight of Congress. Instead, Obama is creating these positions and setting them loose to do his dirty-work, effectively making them unelected, unimpeachable, 'super legislators.'

Can you imagine if Bush had done this? Liberals would have been howling mad, and the mainstream media would be running 24/7 news coverage on how Bush was undermining American government...With Obama, however, we hear nothing!**


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Drewsifer said…

    As I am sure you know, Bush had MORE czars....


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