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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (House Triumvir)

"The [House health care] bill is fiscally sound, will not add one dime to [the] deficit as it expands coverage."

**Looks like the Democrats are finally going to charge up their Frankenstein and set it loose on the American people...All 1,990 pages of it.

That said, Nancy's flat out lying about the cost. The projections are a joke, and anyone who thinks this plan will be any more "fiscally sound" than Medicare and Medicaid is a joke themselves...It's well accepted both are bankrupting the country, and it's almost impossible to believe another government health care plan will be any different.

Keep this figure in mind: In 1965, Congress projected Medicare to cost $9 billion in 1990. It actually cost $66 billion...Expect ObamaCare to have similar discrepancies in its real cost.

Lets pretend for a minute that the American people are willing to go out on a very long, weak limb, and give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt on the bill not adding to the deficit [a massive leap of faith, I know]. How on earth are the Democrats going to pay for such a monstrosity without running up the deficit?

There are only two ways to do it: Raise taxes significantly on every taxpaying American [all 40% of us]. Or, drastically cut services...I'm afraid if we ever get to look at the bill [another huge assumption], we'll find the only way they can make it "fiscally sound" is to raise taxes AND cut services.

August was only a couple months ago. Here's hoping the American people have it in them to return to the anger of August, when they first realized what the Democrats were trying to do to them and their children...If not, we'll have another boondoggle on our hands which can't be stopped [like Medicare and Medicaid], and over time we'll look back on this couple of months and wonder why we didn't stop it before it came into being.**



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