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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dr. Vanessa Cullins (Planned Parenthood V.P. for Medical Affairs)

"In terms of sexually transmitted diseases, expect to have HPV once you become sexually intimate. All of us get it."

- HPV = human papillomavirus = leading cause of genital warts = leading cause of cervical cancer in women and a cause of anal cancer in homosexual men.

**"All"? Really?

According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1/3 to 1/4 of American women have HPV. Heterosexual men have it much less regularly than women. Homosexual men have higher rates due to anal sex, but not as high as women...By these estimates, 2/3 to 3/4 of American women don't have HPV, and neither do most men.

"The best way to protect yourself from HPV is to not have sex or to only have sex with one uninfected partner who also only has sex with you (i.e., a mutually monogamous relationship)." - eMedTv

"All"? Hardly; not even close to "All"...Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of catching any of the various STD's, but those who are at least a little selective about their sexual partners and use common sense (in other words, those who aren't promiscuous) have a much lower risk of becoming STD statistics. Those who skank around (male or female) or have gay sex have a much higher risk of joining the "All" crowd.

In other words: Not "All" who have STD's are skanks or homosexuals, but "All" who are skanks or homosexuals run a much higher risk of having STD's.**


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