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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gov. Joe Manchin III (D - West Virginia)

“Right now, my belief is that they’re trying to kill off surface mining through regulation what they cannot get done through legislation.”

- Complaining about Environmental Protecting Agency moves attempting to stifle the West Virginia coal industry.

**Just wait till the Democrats get around to passing their 'Cap & Tax & Tax & Tax' bill...All of the nation's energy industries will be crushed; none more so than the coal industry, however.

I don't know why this governor is crying, though. Obama has never pretended to be a friend of the coal industry. In fact he's often said how he plans to kill it...It's Manchin's own fault he supported Obama for president. He should have known better.

America should have known better! Obama said what he wanted to do (RADICALLY TRANSFORM IT), but only those who wanted to help him do so listened...As such, we're all going to pay dearly; this is just one of the ways.**


  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger VeeSPIKE said…

    Just to put that nice feather in the cap that finishes it off.



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