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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lester Grinspoon (Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School)

"I'd have no hesitation giving a youngster with ADHD a trial of oral marijuana...For some kids, it appears to be more effective than traditional treatments. And marijuana certainly has fewer potential dangers than Ritalin."

- Commenting on a report that medical marijuana is being prescribed for kids in California.

**Pot may or may not have "fewer potential dangers than Ritalin," but it's hard to believe anyone would defend the use of marijuana in kids...If anything, it should make parents a little leery about using Ritalin and other psych meds on their kids.

"Let me count the ways in which prescribing marijuana for teens with ADHD is a bad idea...The active ingredient in pot, THC, causes short-term memory problems and inattention, the very same things you want a medicine for ADHD to help alleviate." - Stephen Hinshaw (Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley)**


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