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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 Liberal Jackass Quotes of the Year - #11

Donny (The Racist Douche) Deutsch

"We're such a media, frenzy, 24/7 world, that almost anybody who's been around too long is so much 'no' attached to it that you almost need that blank piece of paper. That's the new model. Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida."

- Commenting about the popularity of politicians with little-to-no experience running for public office in the 2010 Election; particularly Marco Rubio, a Conservative American of Cuban descent.

I've been around awhile and have heard plenty of racist comments, but "coconut" is a new one to me: Coconut = "a Mexican who is brown on the outside and white in the inside" (List of Ethnic Slurs)...Sort of like when Liberal racists call black Conservatives 'Oreos' or 'uncle Toms.'

I'm sure Douche Deutsch made a smart apology, though. And then again, maybe not: "I said 'coconut' meaning simple, goofy, bananas...wasn't even aware it could be a racially charged word."

You buy that, right? He meant all kinds of fruit when he called Rubio a "coconut," and could have just as easily called him an apple, pear, blackberry, kumquat, or a lemon.

Ok, maybe he didn't make an intelligent apology. I'm sure the race-baiting Hispanic groups, like LaRaza and LULAC, went nuts, though...Hmmm? Nothing to be found on the entire Internet. I guess it's alright for Hollywood jackasses to make racist comments about Hispanics. For some reason I'm betting this wouldn't fly if it came from a Conservative, but maybe I'm wrong. NOT!



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