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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dan Rather (Racist Assimust)

"Listen he's a nice person, he's very articulate (Barack Obama)...but he couldn't sell watermelon if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic."

**OMG! He did not! Danny Blather did not just go there!

I'm sure Rather didn't mean anything with his "watermelon" comment for our first black president. I'm betting he just got tripped up in his words, and really meant:

'but he couldn't sell fried chicken...'

Uh, maybe that's not it either. What he really meant was:

'but he couldn't sell collared greens...'

Uh, maybe not that either. Maybe he simply meant what he said, and had every intention of making a "watermelon" reference with a black man...Either way we'll never know, because Blather's a Liberal, and as such he'll never be pressed on it by the media. A fact which makes them all a bunch of racists.**


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