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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jesse Weller (Spokesman for Prez. Obama's Favorite Gov't Agency)

"[The IRS has no comment] due to privacy and disclosure laws."

- Statement made regarding two IRS agents showing up at the business Harv's Metro Car Wash demanding payments of delinquent taxes.

**Sounds like a straightforward case, right? IRS agents are supposed to go after delinquent taxes...In this case they were going after 0.04 dollars; 4 cents.

Yes, you read that correctly.

As if 4 cents isn't crazy enough, Aaron Zeff (owner of the car wash) has a letter from the IRS dated October 22, 2009, stating he "has filed all required returns and addressed any balances due."

Considering the letter and the amount of the so called tax owed, I guess it makes sense for the IRS to have 'no comment,' because anything they could say on the matter would be comical and ridiculous...Well, anything short of: 'Uhhh, sorry. We f'd up.**


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