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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rep. John Dingell[berry] - (D - Michigan)

"Today we're doing something that ranks with what we did with Social Security or Medicare."

- Commenting about the House passing the Senate health care bill.

**I'm afraid Dingell's correct:

Social Security Liability = $14,229,422,900+
Medicare Liability = $74,868,658,100+
Combined = over $89 trillion.

For kicks lets add in our Prescription Drug Liability = $18,826,623,000+

Go to the bottom of the Debt Clock for the updated statistics. It will have gone up significantly between the time I post this and you read it.

That's over $107 trillion dollars in liability (and counting, very quickly)...Our current Gross Domestic Product is about $14 trillion per year. In easier to understand terms, our Social Security, Medicare and Prescription Drug Liability is greater than seven years of the nation's total production combined.

ObamaCare is going to not only add to these three monstrosities, but it is going to multiply the total liability...It's also going to bring the country to a point of insolvency much quicker than the train-wreck course it was already on.

For this, the Democrats should be truly proud...And yes, the credit for such a 'great' accomplishment will be all theirs!**



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