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Sunday, May 23, 2010

ION/Phoenix Wet-n-Wild

"Lesbian. Gay. Transgendered. Questioning Youth."

- Giant poster at a tent-booth in front of my local Phoenix water park, sponsored by ION TV (a gay cable network).

**I was stunned when entering the park on Saturday...It was so wrong in so many ways. Where do I start?

1. I have to admit the lesbians were all but unnoticeable. I have no doubt there were many at the water park on this day, and I did see a few holding hands, but not a single one stood out in any way...They didn't go out of their way to push their sexuality on the rest of the crowd, and acted like decent, respectful human beings.

2. I have no idea how many gay men were at the water park, but far too many went out of their way to make sure everyone in the park knew who and what they were...My 9-year old daughter put it best: "Daddy. Why are that guys balls hanging out?"

I almost crapped myself, and turned expecting to literally see a guy with his package fully exposed...Thankfully he only had what was more or less a woman's bikini-bottom with a special front pouch for his 'junk' to protrude out as much as possible. This was the worst outfit I saw, but in no way the only one of its kind. Even worse than the ridiculous outfits, we witnessed many guys tugging at their buddies shorts and pulling them down slightly. Needless to say the gay men didn't show anywhere near as much restraint and common sense as their female counterparts.

3. Unless there were some outstandingly designed trannies I didn't see any transgendered visitors...I'm not very religious, but I do thank God for this blessing.

4. I wonder what happened to the bisexuals? For years they've been included in the group (GLBT), but the signage excluded them at this 'event.' Hmmm???

5. I honestly have no problem with gays and lesbians at the water park, though I must admit I'm more than a little skittish about trannies. I assume they are always there, and have no problem with them having fun in public as long as they don't make spectacles of themselves...For the record, I say the same thing about heteros who act like morons and push their sexuality on the public as well.

6. The most troubling aspect was the "Questioning Youth" portion of the booth. The gay community says it doesn't propagandize to children, but "Questioning Youth" is nothing but a way of getting children to think they are or may be gay...Add this to the fact that well over 50% of the visitors to the water park were children who had no choice but to observe a bunch of gay men acting the fool and making sure everyone knew they were DIFFERENT. Again, I want to stress the women were no problem at all.

I'm sure there were many children who left the park 'questioning' what in the hell they'd just seen...Again, my daughter put it best: "Daddy. I almost vomited."

As you can imagine, my day at the water park was a little more 'wet & wild' than I bargained for, and I'll be contacting Wet-n-Wild about the way they allowed a small segment of their visitors to leave the majority of their guests 'questioning' if this is a place they want to take their children.**


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