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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Paul McCartney (Gormless Duffer)

“I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great.”

- The 'he' he's talking about is Barack Obama.

**I'm a huge Beatles, Wings and Paul McCartney the singer/songwriter fan; some of my favorite music...But come on, Paul. By what standard can anyone say Obama is "doing great"? Even a lot of the people who voted for him are having buyer's remorse, and more and more Liberals are coming out against him as well.

Maybe McCartney doesn't understand Obama's job. Maybe he doesn't realize Obama is President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief...Maybe Paul thinks the job is 'Incompetence-in-Chief.'

Let me think of how they'd put it in his English hometown: 'Have you gone barmy or are you bladdered like usual? Belt up and mind your own beeswax, ya bloody wanker!'

Or maybe Laura Ingraham put it best: Shut Up & Sing - How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the U.N. are Subverting America**


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