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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dave Matthews (Sing-Song Jackass)

"My carbon footprint, I think I can say confidently is much bigger than most people's because I travel in a bus...What I try and do is try and, with the knowledge that I have, is offset my contributions to [carbon emissions]. I think people that don't move around as much as me can take a bike when it's a nice day."

- FYI: Matthews makes about $20 million per year, and is worth around $250 million.

**'I'm a high and mighty elitist, so I need to use lots of fuel, but the rest of you little people who aren't as important or rich as I am should ride a bike, walk, hop on a pogo-stick, etc., to work.'

I love Matthews' quote, because it is a perfect example of Liberals in action...What's most humorous to me is they pretend to be for the common man, but in reality do nothing but look down on anyone who's at a lower station than they are. This doesn't keep them from claiming they are trying to save those below them or using them as 'useful idiots,' however .

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Laura Ingraham put it best: "Shut Up and Sing!"**


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