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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Democrat Power Grabbers

"I'm not hard and fast on $250,000...Quite frankly, it could be somewhat lower than that." - Sen. Tom Harkin (Iowa)

"You could go lower, too - why not $200,000." - Sen. Diane Feinstein (CA)

"I don't think there's any magic number, whether it's $250,000, $200,000 or $225,000." - Sen. Byron Dorgan (North Dakota)

- Comments about raising taxes on those lower than Obama's supposed threshold for being rich.

"We're not satisfied with everything we've done [in Congress]. The way to cure that is to give us more authority and more ability." - Rep. Barney Frank (Mass.)

**You bet your 'you-know-what' these clowns want more power; more power to impose more of themselves on your life and take more of your hard-earned money in the process.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you show up on Election Day to drum these nuts and all their 'friends-with-(D)-after-their-name' out of office. It might also be advantageous to the country if you can find a way to explain the situation to your apathetic family and friends...Or don't. You always have the option of sitting on your thumbs and doing nothing.

But be forewarned, if the Democrats remain in control of Congress after this election cycle you can pretty much count on Barney Frank's request coming true...You can also bet your 'you-know-what' the Democrats will find a way to increase your tax rate; regardless of if you make $250,000, $225,000, $200,000 or significanly less.**

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