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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Majority Leader Harry Reid (Senate Triumvire)

"We're going to have a public option. It's just a question of when."

**No, this wasn't a statement made during the health care debate; it was made last week...I bet you thought the "public option" was dead? Nah. The Democrats simply plan on pushing it through their various health care regulatory schemes instead of making it part of the legislative bill itself.

And don't kid yourself into thinking it's going to be 'optional.' If the Democrats have their way it will be 'mandatory' for all of us.

This comment may not have been his most moronic last week, however...Here's another:

"Social Security is the most successful social program in the history of the world."

I guess everything is relative, and depending on how you relate to things Harry may be correct...I tend to think putting an economic noose around the nation's neck (especially that of our children and grandchildren) isn't "successful," but maybe it's must me.

Just for kicks, lets look at the unfunded liability we have with Social Security and its equally evil sisters:

Social Security = $14.4 trillion in unfunded liability!
The Prescription Drug Program = $14.4 trillion in unfunded liability!
Medicare = $76 trillion in unfunded liability!

Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just not enlightened enough to understand Reid's definition of "successful": 'Economically crushing our kids and grandkids, and eventually bankrupting the nation'...I guess I'll never be smart enough to understand Liberal insanity. Thankfully.

Just imagine the numbers when ObamaCare comes on line.**


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