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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prince Chuck of England (Liberal Extraordinaire)

"The inconvenient truth is that we share this planet with the rest of creation for a very good reason - and that is, we cannot exist on our own without the intricately balanced web of life around us. Islam has always taught this and to ignore that lesson is to default on our contract with creation."

**Gotta love the Prince getting a Libby double-bonus: Going enviro and pimping Islam in the same breath is no easy task.

My favorite part is the "Islam has always taught this..." BS. The only thing Islam has taught is conquest and destruction. Chucky can spin it any way he wishes, but there's no way he can sell it that Muslims are interested in the "intricately balanced web of life." Hell, they can barely live with the rest of humanity, let alone be true stalwarts of the globe.**


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