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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barack Obama (Commander-in-Chief)

"I wanted to come down to Fort Bliss mainly to say thank you and to say welcome home. I’m going to make a speech to the nation tonight. It’s not going to be a victory lap. It’s not going to be self-congratulatory. There’s still a lot of work that we’ve got to do to make sure that Iraq is an effective partner with us. But the fact of the matter is that because of the extraordinary service that all of you have done, and so many people here at Fort Bliss have done, Iraq has an opportunity to create a better future for itself, and America is more secure."

- Statement to returning soldiers prior to his major address to the nation about pulling our 'combat' troops out of Iraq.

**I agree with President Obama 100% on this comment! Question is does Barack Obama believe and agree with what Barack Obama said?

He's been against the Iraq War since it began, did much to undermine it's success while in the Senate, and more or less called it a waste of time while he was running for President.

So, does Barack Obama truly believe the key phrase in Barack Obama's comment to the troops?: "America is more secure."

If Barack Obama believes what Barack Obama said, then Barack Obama has to believe the Iraq war was worth fighting! Because the goal of every American war is to defend the country and make "America more secure"...Barack Obama said this goal was attained.

Hmmmm? Do you think this is what Barack Obama really means? If he does, he should have done much more than mention President Bush in his address to the nation...If Barack Obama really believed what Barack Obama said, he should have had the decency to thank President Bush for his brave and honorable decision to make "America more secure."

Of course he doesn't have this kind of decency, and truth be told, Barack Obama doesn't believe a word of what Barack Obama said in his own quote...It's all ploy, all politics, all the time. In other words, it was just more of Barack Obama talking for the sake of hearing Barack Obama talk.**



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