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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eric Mar (San Fran Freako Board of Supervisors)

"Our legislation will encourage restaurants that offer unhealthy meals marketed toward children and youth to offer healthier food options with incentive items or toys."

- Statement on a proposal to ban toys in kids fast food meals.

**Yet somehow Liberals try to paint Conservatives as Nazis.

Even crazier, kiddies won't be able to enjoy a toy with their Happy Meal, but they will be able to enjoy the toys at the 'Folsom Street Fair'...A completely different kind of 'happy meal', but one the pervs in San Fran Sicko have no problem with children enjoying.

Forget Happy Meals, my question is why would any parent subject their children to the filth of this city, which calls itself 'The City,' but should rightfully be known as 'The Shitty'? Hell, forget kids, why do otherwise normal adults live in or visit this turd-bowl?**


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