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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kate Kendell (Head of the National Center for Lesbian Rights)

"There is nothing about Walker as a judge to indicate that his sexual orientation, other than being an interesting factor, will in any way bias his view."

- Comment about Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled California's Prop. 8 (defining marriage between one man and one woman) is unconstitutional.

**"It seems curious to me." - Arnold Schwarzenegger (Squishy, More-Often-Than-Not-Liberal, California Governator)

YA THINK!?!?!?!?

Actually, there's nothing "curious" about this at all. It is the ultimate conflict of interest, and the judge should have recused himself from the case...Pouring salt on the wound: This judge was nominated by President Bush the Elder.

Reason #28,274 why we must push the Republican Party to supply legitimately Conservative presidential nominees.

One last court to hear this case (SCOTUS), and there's at least a 50/50 chance of a 5-4 Conservative judgement on the matter...Which also means there's a 50/50 chance for a Liberal judgement.**


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