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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Charlie Crist (Flippus Floppus)

"I would have voted for [ObamaCare]. But I think it can be done better. I really do."

"If I misspoke, I want to be abundantly clear: the health care bill was too big, too expensive, and expanded the role of government far too much. Had I been in the United States Senate at the time, I would have voted against the bill."

- The second sentence was less than 24 hours after the first...Crist is running for the U.S. Senate from Florida, on the Independent Party ticket after being defeated by Marco Rubio in the Republican primary.

**We expect politicians to be liars, but Crist is an even bigger piece of dung than most...If he had any class he would have accepted the primary defeat and supported Rubio. Instead Crist is proving he's more about himself than any particular principles, and his statements above prove he's willing to say anything to anyone if he thinks it helps his chances of forwarding his political career.

It's hard to believe John McCain actually had this clown on his list of VP candidates...Well, maybe it's not that surprising.**


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