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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Joe Winch (Hartford City Council President)

"I feel it is very important that, as a Council, we project a culture of inclusiveness in the City of Hartford. Too often it is our differences that divide us. In my opinion, it is our combination of differences that makes us strong."

- Statement about the council's decision to begin their meetings with an 'Islamic invocation' (prayer) as an "act of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters." - Hartford City Council email

**Wwwwwwwwww-what?!?!? What happened to "separation of church and state?" Isn't this a violation of the 1st Amendment? Is the ACLU coming to Hartford to sue the city? Isn't the world going to end because of a prayer in public?

I guess it's all good when Muslim prayers are the order of the day in government actions...Heaven forbid a Hartford public high school football team pray before a game, however. Oooooooooooh, nooooooooooo! We can't have that.

'Osama lickum.'**


  • At 5:55 AM, Anonymous bigb121074 said…

    it's ok to be tolerant and sensitive to a religion that violates more of the liberals core values and beliefs than any other religion out there...and crap all over the religion that this country was founded on and more people are associated with? this is typical progressive ideology. get the backing of as many different demographic voting groups as they can, and make them the victims


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