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Sunday, October 17, 2010

B. Hussein Obama (Whiner-in-Chief)

"They're fighting back. The empire is striking back. To win this election, they are plowing ten's of millions of dollars into front groups. They are running misleading negative ads all across the country."

Oh, my!  The big bad boogie-man/Republicans are "striking back."  Da-da-da-da!  Da-da-da-da!!

I thought Obama wanted to tone down the hyper-inflated rhetoric?  Maybe I misunderstood him...Funniest thing is he's comparing the Republicans to the 'Empire' from 'Star Wars,' yet I'd bet good money he was with his Libby pals taking major offense to President Reagan calling the U.S.S.R the "Evil Empire"; even though it was truly evil.

Also, Barack's not pretending Democrats don't have "front groups" piling "millions of dollars" in their coffers, is he?  Nor can he honestly say Democrats aren't "running misleading negative ads all across the country," is he?  Come on, B.H., lets not be a complete liar.

Such is the moral insanity of our 'Dear Leader'...If he can do it, we all can.  AND WILL!

Is politics ugly?  You betcha!  Always has been, always will be.  I just wish Chairman MaoBama wouldn't pretend it only comes from one side.



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