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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Katrina vanden Heuvel (Editor of The Nation)

"The far left in my view has many - is really in the mainstream in many ways in this country."

These Lefties are completely nuts.  In poll after poll, more Americans identify themselves as Conservative or Moderate than Liberal, and it's not close...What makes her comment most ridiculous is the claim "the far left" is "mainstream."

The "mainstream" in American politics is dominated by the Center, and tilts a little to the Right and Left.  In fact, the far Right and far Left are so far out of the "mainstream" in the United States they are barely a blip in importance; other than being a nuisance, a diversion and scapegoats for the other side.

Our current Democrat government is the furthest Left-leaning we've ever had, and in only two years they've been completely repudiated by the American people (who didn't pay enough attention in 2008 to realize what they were asking for) in the 2010 election...Not that I'd expect Katrina to understand this unpleasant truth.  For that matter, Obama, Pelosi and Reid refuse to admit it, too.


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