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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rep. Charles Rangel (D - NY, Crook)

"There can be no excuse for my acts of omission. I've failed in carrying out my responsibilities. I made numerous mistakes…I hope my four decades of service merit a sanction that is in keeping with and no greater than House precedents and also contains a drop of fairness and mercy.”

- Plea to the House after being found guilty of 11 violations of House rules, including:
- Failure to pay taxes for 10 years worth of incomplete and inaccurate annual statements disclosing his assets and income.  (He was the top Democrat tax-writer for years)
- 'Accepting benefits under circumstances that would be construed as influencing the performance of his governmental duties.' (Better known as taking bribes and influence peddling)
- Misuse of Congress' free mail privilege. (theft in the real world)
- Bringing discredit on the House of Representatives. (duh!)

Charlie's right, "There can be no excuse."  And for such he should do the admirable thing:  He should RETIRE!

But he won't.  Because he's not admirable.

So, the Democrats should do the admirable thing:  They should force him to retire, or make his presence in the House so miserable he decides to do so on his own...At the very least they should strip him of every honor and have him serve out his time in the House at the level of the lowest newbie in Congress.

But they won't.  Because they aren't admirable.

Anyone doubt if Charlie were a Republican this would be handled differently? (besides the fact the Democrats and their media psychofants [misspelling intentional] would be screaming from the rooftops for his retirement)  He would be forced to retire, not just by his party but also by those who support the Republican Party...Don't expect this from the 'Party of Dishonor', however.



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