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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Soon-to-be Ex-Speaker of the House)

“With the early returns and the overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out, we're on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives.”

- Comment made on Election Day.

Oh, Nancy, you ignoramus.

I desperately wanted to see Harry Reid and/or Barbara Boxer get defeated, but I knew it was a long shot...Seeing Nancy lose her gavel makes up for it all, however.

Best part is, along with Obama, Pelosi is one of the main reasons why the Democrats were smoked.

Hey Nancy, a word of advice:  Retire.  It's going to be awfully hard on your psyche watching Speaker Boehner sitting in your old seat...It'll be much easier going back to San Fran hanging out with the your degenerate constituents.



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