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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annonymous Ubisoft Spokeswench

"We Dare is intended for an adult audience."

- Ubisoft is a game maker', 'We Dare' is a Wii and PlayStation 3 game; a sexual game which allows the player(s) to direct the action.

Lets see, "We Dare is intended for an adult audience", but on the game's box-cover its title is:  "We Dare.  Flirty Fun For All."

"For All" tends to mean 'for all', but I guess a creative mind could claim it means 'for all adults.'

Lets look a little closer at the box-cover (though you don't need to look very closely because it sticks out like a sore thumb):  The game has a 12+ certificate rating, meaning the game is appropriate for players 12-years of age and up...Since when does 12+ equal 'adult status?'

12+ DOESN'T EQUAL ADULT STATUS IN NORMALVILLE!   And it certainly doesn't in Peroville...12+ only equals adult status in Liberalville.  A hideous place where standards of decency are considered outdated and restrictive.


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