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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drusilla_1616 (Twitter Twit)

"sat next to guy in class and he kept going on about how great [Wisconsin Governor] Scott Walker is, I turned to him said 'I wish someone would shoot him already.'"

- Post made on Twitter regarding the Wisconsin governor's desire to get the state's public service unions under fiscal control, so the state doesn't go bankrupt.

Whoa!  Whoa, there sister Drusilla!  I thought everyone was going to be more civil and friendly after Rep. Giffords took a shot to the dome?  Especially after President Obama gave such a lovely chat condemning hate speech in political discourse...Surely, this Twit-ter-er is an abomination.

Wrong.  She's just about the norm when it comes to the Left.

"Scott Walker = Adolph Hitler.  'Can you tell the difference' [?]  If you can't, you must be in a coma.  Don't let 'this' history repeat itself!!!!!  1933 Hitler abolishes unions!  Look at history" - Picket sign outside the Wisconsin statehouse

Maybe Obama was wrong; maybe the people can't play nice...And maybe Obama was only expecting such phony niceness from the Right.  Can you imagine if either of these comments was from a Tea Partier?  OMG!!!

Oh well, I only have one thing to say to these Tweet-heads:  STFU!


  • At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OMG!! I can't imagine lol. These derps need to STFU ASAP!


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