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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Us Weekly

"Public figures must be held accountable for what they say...Here's another case of an airhead diva going on TV, running her mouth off, sounding like a fool.  She doesn't understand something so basic about America, yet we're supposed to tolerate her diva behavior.  Americans can see through that...Unemployment is at nine percent, yet we have to suffer through a performance by a foreigner with a poor grasp of the English language."

- A comment the magazine published, made by Sarah Palin to Sean Hanitty, regarding the ridiculous version of the 'National Anthem' sung by Christina Aguilera at the Super Bowl.

That is terrible.  Aguilera was a complete embarrassment, but I can't believe Sarah made such a brutal comment.

You shouldn't believe it either, because she didn't.  'Us Weekly' didn't bother to verify a satirical story it found on the Internet, and instead decided to run with it...Anything to make Palin look bad, ya know.  They aren't alone, however.

"The escalating crisis in Egypt could become a defining moment for Sarah Palin...Governor Palin needs to speak out publicly and forcibly for an American-led invasion to protect our interests in North Africa." - Rachel Maddow (MSNBC host)

Maddow found this little fictional gem on another satire site, which stated someone named Stephenson Billings made about Palin...Maddow didn't bother to check the legitimacy of the site or the story, and didn't even bother to check if Billings is a real person; which he is not.

In other words, 'Us Weekly' and Maddow have fully succumbed to 'Palin Derangement Syndrome' and are willing to not only believe anything about her, but are also willing to go to print/air with it...Not that anyone's reading/watching or respects either one.


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