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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ban Ki-moon (U.N. Secretary-General)

"I need your support...Animate these stories!  Set them to music! Give them life! Together we can have a blockbuster impact on the world."

- Appeal to Hollywood to do more to push the religion of Global Warming/Climate Change.

In other words:  'We haven't been able to convince the people of our flawed logic and manipulated data, so we need your help propagandizing the American people; starting with American children.'

And guess what?  Hollywood will gladly play their roll, 'acting' as if they have a clue, when in reality they are being used as idiots to take advantage of the even more idiotic 'useful idiots.'

Get ready for an onslaught of Avatar-type movies on steroids, and mush-mind cartoons to steal (as well as 'steel') the minds of our children...Maybe Comrade Obama will help Hollywood and create an American version of the USSR's 'отдел агитации и пропаганды':  'Soviet Department for Agitation and Propaganda.'


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