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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jim Lendall (Robespierre Wannabe)

"While whistling on their way back to their offshore banks, [corporations] have destroyed more Americans than al Qaeda...Corporations have become the fat aristocracy that dictates our government...The French, inspired by our American Revolution, knew how to deal with the wealthy arrogant aristocrats.  The French people built guillotines.  Maybe we can park a guillotine in front of every chamber of commerce, corporate headquarters, bank, investment house, and Republican Party headquarters to remind them that democracy is about people not profits."

Sadly, most Americans don't understand the hell of the French Revolution, which led to suffering and chaos across the European continent, and ultimately consumed itself through sheer madness...Yes, it was rooted in the success of the American Revolution, but that's where the similarities end.  The American Revolution led to the founding of the most decent nation in the history of the world; the French Revolution went up in flames after destroying thousands and thousands of lives.  It also paved the way for the foundations of socialism and communism, which is why the Left loves reminiscing about it so much.

Anyone who wants a return to the French Revolution should be siding with the Left, and they will surely find themselves at the business end of the blade...And anyone who thinks it would be better to stick to the American revolutionary path should link themselves to the Right, which is not only a more reasonable liberal (small 'l') movement, but is also much longer lasting.

My favorite part of this crazy quote doesn't come from the crazy quoter, but from a member of the crowd of crazies who heard it:  State Rep. Jim Nickels (D - Arkansas)...Not only was this man, who is from one of America's major political parties, in the crowd, but he didn't say anything against Lindall.  Nor has he renounced Lindall or his statement since, which says a lot in its silence.


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