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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bernard Hopkins (Barbarian)

"Forget this [pointing to his own dark skin]. He's got a suntan. That's all...Why do you think McNabb felt he was betrayed? Because McNabb is the guy in the house, while everybody else is on the field. He's the one who got the extra coat. The extra servings. 'You're our boy...He thought he was one of them."

- Comments Hopkins made about Donovan McNabb, and how McNabb felt about being traded by the Philadelphia Eagles...He also went on to make fun of McNabb's 'privileged childhood in suburban Chicago.'

**Let me say something about Donovan McNabb:  He is a borderline Hall of Fame quarterback (though I don't think he'll get in), who led a franchise which hasn't won a championship in almost-forever to multiple NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.  In my opinion, he's had the second best career of any black quarterback in NFL history; right behind Warren Moon...McNabb has, also, always presented himself in a classy manner.**

You should notice Hopkins' comment is in 'purple', instead of the normal 'commie red'...This is because I have no idea what his politics are, and I doubt he has much of a clue about anything other than his own self-worth.

For those who are unfamiliar with Bernard Hopkins, he's a boxer.  A boxer well past his prime, but he was a great one.  He's also a world-class shit talker with no mental filter, and obviously no common sense or decency.

So, why did I bother with this as a Liberal Jackass Quote?  The answer is in the lack of Liberal response to Hopkins questioning the 'blackness of a black man', and more or less calling McNabb a 'house nigger'...Are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton marching?  How about the NAACP?  Are the members of the Congressional Black Caucus throwing out resolutions against Hopkins?  What about the Mainstream Media, are they running around-the-clock video of Hopkins' rant?

The answers are 'no', 'no', 'no', 'no'.  HELL NO!

Why not?  Because Liberals and supposed black reformers don't care about blacks...They care about lashing out at whites and using black suffering as a straw-man against whites to personally profit, and are best able to do so when they can use perceived wrongs against blacks by whites.

Black-on-Black crime means nothing to them; be it real crime (murder, rape, theft, etc), or cruel rhetoric...Because their concern isn't blacks.  THEIR REAL (and only) CONCERN IS THEIR OWN POWER AND FINANCIAL GAIN!


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