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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mark Salvo (WildEarth Guardians)

"They require a very specific, very rare habitat type and their range has been reduced by 40 percent. This is a species that warrants listing under the Endangered Species Act."

- "They" are the 'dunes sagebrush lizard', and "they" are being used as a reason for environMENTALists to sue in federal courts to stop drilling oil and natural gas in portions of Texas and New Mexico.

Hope you enjoy paying $4/gallon for gas, because it's going to be our new norm, in what are abnormal times...Times where the craziest lunatics in our midst are allowed to destroy the American economy with claims of saving the world.  Times where a stupid lizard has preference over the American people.

Heaven help us if they find an equally deranged "red-diaper-doper-baby" Clinton or Obama appointed judge to rule in their favor.


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