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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Overly Sensitive 'Noble Savages'

"These inappropriate uses of Native American icons and cultures are prevalent throughout our society, and the impacts to Native and non-Native children are devastating." - Loretta Tuell (Chief Counsel for the Senate Indian Affairs Committee)

"Right now Native American children all over this country are facing the reality of having one of their most revered figures being connected to a terrorist and murderer of thousands of innocent Americans...Think about how they feel at this point." - Jeff Houser (Fort Sill Apache Tribal Chairman)

- Objecting to the U.S. military's use of the code name 'Geronimo' in the operation which killed Osama bin Laden.

Take an f'ing day off!

'Geronimo' isn't what the troops were calling Bin Laden, it was the signal they used to let the commanding officer know Bin Laden was killed or captured...If anything it should be seen as an honor.

But noooooooo!  These overly sensitive clowns insist on finding offense in everything...Pathetically, I'm betting Obama, or one of his underlings, comes out with an apology.


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