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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prince (The Artist Formerly Known As An Artist)

"It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion...There's order.  You wear a burqa.  There's no choice.  People are happy with that."

- It's pretty safe to assume Princess is talking about Muslim women, because the men don't wear burqa's and their choices are nowhere near as restricted as women.

Let me guess, these "no choice", 'burqa wearing', "happy" women also love it that they can't leave the house without a male chaperon, have their husbands chosen for them by their fathers or brothers, and aren't allowed to read anything other than 'approved' books?

Oh, lets not forget the Muslim women who are 'honored' with having their vagina sewed up; and then have it ripped open by pigs who tear it as a badge of pride...Or even better, the women who are culturally shunned for committing the crime of being raped.

Such a "happy" bunch these Muslim women are.  Stuck in a throw-back culture, which has reverted back to a time closer to the 8th Century than the 21st...Sounds like a ring in Dante's Inferno to me.  I'm sure that makes me an intolerant redneck, though.

Laura Ingraham put it best when it comes to jerk-offs like his 'Purple Putsiness':  "Shut up and sing!"

And since he hasn't had a decent song in two decades maybe it's best if he only follows half of Ingraham's dictate:  "Shut up"!


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