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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Don Lemon (CNN)

"Is Obama more conservative than most people think?"

On its face, Lemon's question is ridiculous, but in reality it was a good question...Sometimes the clowns at CNN accidentally fall into a good one.

The answer is yes...And NO!

Obama is more Conservative than most Conservatives think...But that's only because most Conservatives think he's a stone-cold Marxist, which he isn't.

Obama is, also, more Conservative than most Liberals want...But that's only because they hoped and prayed he'd be a stone-cold Marxist.

So much for the Right and Left...What do so-called Independents think?  Judging by Obama's favorability numbers, the answer is most Independents do not think he's Conservative enough, because America is a Center-Right nation (as any poll on the matter has stated for a long time) and the people think he's far too Left for their liking.


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