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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jay Carney (Obama's Spokesmouth)

"The White House does not create jobs."

W, wh, wha, what?!?!  What about the millions of jobs Obama and his minions claimed to have "created or saved" over the past two years?  This wasn't a bunch of buncombe was it?

"Say it ain't so, Joe!"

"The government cannot create private-sector jobs, but it can strongly affect the conditions for job-creating economic growth.  But instead, the Obama Administration has helped create the conditions to stifle job growth." - Rory Cooper

Creating conditions such as an inept energy policy, insane EPA regulations, supporting unions, threatening taxes on anything and anyone who is successful, and most of all ObamaCare:  All of which are job killers and drags on production.

Someone needs to send V.P. Joey 'Bags' out to correct Spokesmouth Carney on his correct assessment...Heaven knows we can't have White House cronies scaring the American people with the truth.



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